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INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS, LLC combines over 60 years of professional experience in multiple design disciplines into a commitment for bringing value to our customers. We are delighted to share with you some of the client testimonials to our work. For us, they represent a solid confirmation that our efforts and skills are meaningful to the customers we serve, successful in enhancing their lives and bring maximum return on investment for them.

The Balace Point
Julie C. & Erica S., Owners
Rochester, New York
January 2015

“Dear Naomi,

Thank you for your time, energy, and expertise in helping us transition to our new office. Your insight and guidance were very helpful and we love our new office. With your help moving quickly, we were really able to hit the ground running day one with the basics. We’ve been adding and tweaking since and are just now taking the final steps to add the finishing touches on our offices. We’re really happy with how they’ve turned out and thank you for taking us on so last minute and helping us get here.

Warmly and with our thanks”

Color, finish & material selections
Deb R.
Rochester, New York
April 2014

"Hi Naomi,
Every time I walk into my bedroom I say: Ah… it’s so pretty…”

“Just wanted to let you know that (the upholster) dropped of the furniture this afternoon. She did a great job and it looks very nice in the room! Thanks again for your help (selecting fabric and rug) with this - I never would have been able to do this on my own"

Juanita J.
Greece, New York
September 2013

"Dear Mrs. Harel

From the first time I was fortunate enough to meet with you on July 8th, to the final delivery and expert setup of my custom-made home office furniture on August 12th, I could not have been more pleased with the interactions and guidance I received from you. During our initial consultation session, you paid close attention to all of my concerns and wove them into a professional interior design plan. Although I have no background in this area, I was never made to feel that way. It is very gratifying to be able to communicate with someone so skilled in interpersonal relationships."

"I can’t tell you how very happy I am with theses results." "With your knowledge, agility, zeal and tape measure, we were able to convert a dream into reality. I love my new home office."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for so ably applying your professional expertise in turning my home into a very pleasant and attractive environment."

Interior staging

Ann F. & Delin S.
Pittsford, New York
June 2012

"Dear Dan and Naomi,
Thank you both for the house makeover, it looked beautiful! As a designer myself, I appreciate more what Naomi did for us. She quickly diagnosed the issues regarding color, furniture layout and what’s needed for more visual excitement in each room. She communicated clearly and executed her vision (for interior staging) with great efficiency and enthusiasm. She worked around our budget and was sensitive to our very tight timeline. Additionally, Naomi gave us useful, practical advices on landscaping, cleaning and on the proper way to hang the artwork (we thought we knew…). We are so pleased with the result, thanks so much for your help!"

Kitchen design
Cathy & Mike B.
Fairport, New York
April 2012

"Hi Dan and Naomi,
Just wanted to let you know the granite was installed this morning and looks beautiful. The kitchen is really coming together and looks even better than I was able to imagine and I certainly owe that to you as there is no way I would have come up with this (design) myself."

"Thank you so much for the lovely kitchen. It is beautiful, we are very happy with it and could not have done it without you. I am saving for my next project, which will begin after the kids have moved out!  Thanks again, Cathy"

Home-office design

Elisa M.
North Chili, New York
September 2011

“I have to admit the idea of an Interior Designer coming to my home sounded like an added expense, but one I did agree is a good investment. What I did not expect was that it ended up being a fantastic investment since the ideas and solutions saved us money and actually more than covered the design consultation costs.

Our home-office was not an inviting or fully functional space for more than one person before it was redesigned. Dan and Naomi designed the space including its multi-function desk with care and sensitivity to our needs, and with special attention to the style we preferred. Their efforts resulted in a room we love to spend time in, an interior space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for us. The experience working with INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS was amazing and I find we have a new addition to our home that we are able to enjoy and use more often than before. True quality act!”

Interior staging, Conesus Lake
Sue F.
Conesus Lake, New York
June 2011

"Dear Naomi and Dan:
Wow.  It is difficult to articulate how appreciative we are for your support, genius and energy.  Plus, an added bonus is the smile on my face every time I think about what a team we were and how much fun we had in so little time. You were both so easy to work with, but firm when it came to your professional skills and experience.  You were right about every suggestion even before it was evident to me and when I was unsure about things.  We accomplished so much in so little time and sold our house sooooooooooooo quickly.  Tomorrow we are leaving for our next phase of life and you played a hand in that happening and for that we are thankful.  You are first on my list to call when we purchase or sell again!!!!!" - Sue

Soma C.
Brighton, New York
June 2011

"INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS is an efficient, reliable, client centric service. They did a project for me earlier this month, and were very thorough in understanding my needs, and designing to my specifications. They were very responsive to changes in direction, and made every effort to make sure I understood my options". Soma

Home-office (detail)
Rochester Home Builders Association (RHBA)
Riverside Convention Center,
Rochester, New York, 2011

"I wish my office looked like this... and would stay like this..."

"I love the colors, the contemporary look and the way it is put together"

"1st class!"

"I should have come to you before I started to work on my house..."

"What a beautiful, sleek design!"

"Absolutely gorgeous!"

"Clean, contemporary, beautiful design. Exactly what I like"

"I love the cubes (for storage) concept. You can arrange them however you want... very clever"

"Wow, I can see exactly where I would use this home-office"

"This is a stimulating, inviting and warm space, a workaholic s heaven"

"Beautiful home-office design, that's going to be the future..."

Corporate offices design
H&C Tool Supply Corporation
Don W., President & CEO
Rochester, New York, 2011

"I could not have gotten through this without you"

Storage & display system
Donna O.
Professional Organizing Services
Greece, New York
January 2011

"For over a year, I observed the creative work-in-progress of INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS at the residence of my client in Rochester, New York. I witnessed their design skills, innovation, and patience. The pieces designed and built were functional and well suited the client's personality, needs and style preferences.

They designed the family's library and entertainment center as a modular system for a large collection of books, photographs, a new flat-screen TV and media storage. This elegant, practical and well-executed system became the focal point of the family room. Their second design was the conversion of one of the bedrooms into a home-office. In this room, INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS created a unique, striking and highly practical furniture system for storage and display of a large collection of memorabilia, craft materials and books as well as office supplies.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services and expertise of Dan & Naomi to others. Their beautiful designs, attention to details as well as to their clients' needs are incomparable."

Fay W.
Brighton, New York

October 2010

"When it became necessary to move from a multi-room house into an apartment, we turned to INVISION DESIGN PARTNERS for advice. We were so delighted and amazed that they were able to use all of the furniture we wanted to keep, and place it in unique and attractive ways that were both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. We are so happy in our new surroundings, all due to Naomi's creative talents."

Study design
Penfield, New York
August 2010

"Absolutely the best room (design) in the show"

"Great Feng shui"

"This is the only home office in the show (of five new houses) that is actually functional and beautiful"

"Oh... the design of this room looks like (a set) from a movie"

"This room is just perfect"

"The room looks like modern George Eastman style era"

"I love what you did with the room, it looks gorgeous"

Study, general view
Rudy N.
Builder & owner
Crosstown Construction

Penfield, New York

August 2010

"Beautiful room, I love the (interior) design Naomi did"

Kevin F.
Greece, New York
June 2010

"Naomi, the paint job (color selection) is incredible!!! I am very surprised with the outcome and very happy. Thanks again."
Laundry room
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO)
Symphony Showhouse
Pittsford, New York
May 2010

"I think you did a wonderful job with the little space they gave you!... and the color on the walls was lovely."

"Your design for the room was wonderful, extremely creative and showed a greater opportunity for use of space, especially given its limited dimensions."

Elliott M.D.
Webster, New York
May 2010

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that what you presented was very inspiring, enjoyable, passionate and educational." (Re: INTERIOR DESIGN, a Multidisciplinary Strategy)

Modular entertainment center
Ron G.
Brighton, New York
February 2010

"I was blown away by the design", "Absolutely gorgeous!"
Printer stand
Cecelia H.
Rochester, New York
April 2010

"Dan, the printer stand you made for us is terrific. It looks as if it is part of the original set of furniture. Being between the living room and dining room, it is as much a piece of furniture as it is office equipment.  You interpreted our needs and you delivered. The color match and overall "look" is totally appropriate. After looking for something ready made for two years, we are so happy we learned about your services. Great job, and great working with you."

Young & Company offices
Young & Company,

Saginaw Plaza
Henrietta, New York

December 2009
"You both have been such a blessing to our moving project"
David G. Young, Partner, Young & Company

"Thanks again to you (Dan) and Naomi for all you've done in making this move a success!"
John Hoben, project relocation manager for Young & Company

"Nicest space in the whole complex"
The mail carrier

(We are) "shocked that this is the same space we were in"
Previous occupant company

"Who designed this (space)? It is so nice"
Clients coming in for the first time after the move to this location

"Wow, this is definitely a step up from the old place..."
Clients coming in for the first time after the move to this location

"We will use Young & Company offices as a SHOWCASE for potential new tenants"
Saginaw Plaza Owner/Landlord

Kitchen - 3D CAD design
Walter B.
Greece, New York
June 2009

"Dan, thank you for the rich and thorough set of 3D CAD renderings of our prospective window/kitchen remodeling. You certainly went beyond my expectations, in that you took time to learn a tool that more appropriately produced what I was looking for; attended to nice details that made the simulated room more "real"; were willing to make all visits to walk me through the 3D sketches and for making sure I was satisfied in all aspects of the (your) work. All within the budget we agreed to. Thank you - I look forward to collaborating again!"
Marcia L.
Pittsford, New York
May 2009

"Naomi is an excellent interior designer. She asks pertinent questions and listens carefully to what I wanted to accomplish. I have engaged Naomi three times and she's a delight to work with, her design ideas are creative and realistic, she drafted two different architectural plans for each room, help me choose fabrics for my sofas and chairs, and paint colors for walls. The final outcome was exciting. When my friends and family stepped into my home they were amazed and raved about the new look. I have referred friends to Naomi and they also enjoyed working with her and were very satisfied with her work. I highly recommend Naomi Harel."

Foyer design
Izabella S.
Real Estate agent
Rochester, New York
April 2009

"Just a pleasure to work with such complete professionals. Naomi has such a wonderful sense of aesthetics and what works and what's right. Her room makeovers are lovely when completed. Her attention to detail, scale, color and texture are right on. Super job."

Bedroom interior staging
Marion & Paul T.
Rochester, New York
March 2009

"Thank you for the concise advice - it was well grounded in the reality of our budget and time constrains. Great eye for color and balance!"

Family room interior staging
Miriam R.
Brighton, New York
March 2009

"The rooms really looked gorgeous!  Not like ours at all - LOL!  Too bad we couldn't have left them like that permanently."